About Us

People come to Morning Crane for three reasons:

-to reduce stress

-to relieve chronic pain

-live healthy

Morning Crane Healing Arts Center is an oasis for people wanting to de-stress, relax and balance their mind, body and spirit.  

We blend gentle movements with simple meditation so you can live a happy, healthy life.

Our health-and-wellness programs come from ancient information applied in a modern setting. 

Services include:

Medical Qigong, Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Therapeutic Massage

Team building, conferences, meetings 

The majority of our offerings are available in group, private or off-site corporate settings. 

We’ve been blessed to work with a wide variety of people from across California and around the world. Our clients include professional athletes looking to improve strength and performance. Silicon Valley employees wanting to increase energy and decrease stress. Empowered and gracious people with mobility and intellectual disabilities.  (One of Chris and Parisa’s most fulfilling experiences was acting as Clinical Directors for the 2016 Special Olympics.)


Our story:

Morning Crane started in a small office in Los Gatos, California, in 2001. At the time, founder Chris Shelton was a full-time butcher, single father and competitive martial artist. His future wife and forever true love, Parisa Shelton, joined Morning Crane in 2010.

Together with our team of expert healers and trainers, we at Morning Crane on a mission to teach people that they don’t have to live sick and painful lives.  We want people to know that their health is easier to maintain when blockages are cleared.  And healing and transformation is possible at all stages of life.

After Chris published his first book, Qigong for Self Refinement: Total Health with the Five Elements, we changed our name back to Morning Crane Health Arts Center.  Since then we have gathered a group of experts in the healing arts to help people reduce stress, relieve chronic pain and lose weight.  We have over 8 practitioners and have served over 10,000 clients in the past 16 years.

When people leave Morning Crane we want them to feel better than when they first walked in, to become aware of how diet, lifestyle habits and emotional status affects their health, and to be excited about making easy and quick changes that transform their health and, ultimately, their life and the lives of those they love.

“To bring peace to Earth, you must strive to make your own life peaceful.”

–Ancient proverb