Simple Practice->Profound Results! July Newsletter

We hope you are well.  There is so so much we want to share with you.  We’ve been buzzzzzing (even more that usual). The past few weeks have taught us how to be more like water.  Our trip to Tampa, FL was canceled less than 24 hours before we were leaving.  We had been preparing for months. Chris was suppose to give 4 talks to ~500 health & fitness professionals from around the world.  It was our motivation for finishing the book. We were shocked to find out it was canceled.  But after we got over the initial disappointment, we decided to take a small vacation to the central coast. You’ll be glad to hear that we’re taking some time to refresh, regroup, refuel.  We’re excited to tell you about all the new and cutting edge programs we will be presenting!

PS. We want to acknowledge that last week we pre-maturely hit the send key on our newsletter.  If you noticed errors, that is why.  If you didn’t notice, even better. 🙂

What is Qigong?
Simple practice -> Profound Results
Qigong is the Chinese art of working with the body’s energy system.  It includes meditative practices and physical exercises.  It is “Chinese” because it is based on Chinese ideas of how energy flows in the body; these same theories are at the basis of Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, and also other Chinese arts, such as feng shui. 

What makes this book different from many other Qigong books is the same thing that makes Chris’ teaching different from other Qigong masters. It acknowledges and provides exercises for addressing the emotional component in our modern diseases. In the past, people’s problems mainly started on the physical level: poor hygiene, danger, infectious diseases, accidents. But today, in our relatively safe, clean environment, more of our diseases begin on the emotional level. A dear friend dies, you lose your job, you are abused, or a good friend betrays you…. Strong experiences generate emotional energy. If we don’t process this energy appropriately– if we don’t digest it, just as we digest food, allowing it to transform– then it unbalances our entire system. These imbalances or blockages are not corrected, they get worse and eventually become physical symptoms.   At that point, if you eliminate the physical symptom but not the underlying subtle energy disturbance, then the symptom will come back-or you will get a new symptom somewhere else in the body (Just like with the plumbing in your house, if you stop water flow, the pipe will burst somewhere along the way).


Because Qigong harmonizes the subtle energy flow in the body, when it corrects imbalances at those levels it can eliminate both the physical symptoms and the emotional symptoms which caused them.   The problem really goes away.  This may seem like a miracle, but each success just proves that the Chinese theories are true.


Join a class, read the book, try the exercises—and see for yourself!

Love & gratitude,


Chris & Parisa Shelton
Morning Crane Healing Arts & Fitness Center

NEW BOOK- Coming soon! Qigong for Self-Refinement

Total Health with the 5 Elements Qigong for Self-Refinement

written and illustrated by Chris Shelton


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Simple yet effective, the practices in this book will help you get your energies humming. Beginning with a clear explanation of the fundamental concepts of Chinese medicine, the book presents simple meditations and traditional physical exercises based on this theory.  Regularly practicing these exercises will lead you into greater awareness of your body, and gradually restore your health from the inside out.  The Five Element Questionnaire will help you know your personal Element type so you can target your exercise program to your own needs.


Summer is here-FINALLY, the kids say! Days lengthen. Gardens surge. Days warm but nights are still cool. Kids are off school-traffic improves! Vacation spots beckon Before you leave, join us for class so you’ll look and feel your best in your bathing suit wherever you go!


Summer Heat = Heart Fire
   Summer time relates to the Fire Element, represented in the body particularly by the Heart and its related organs. The Fire Element is about activity; movement from the sheer pleasure of being alive. Think fireworks! The great danger during this time is excess Fire. Yin-Yang theory tells us that “yin at its extreme becomes yang, and yang at its extreme becomes yin.” We all know the truth of this particularly with Fire: Strenuous activity (yang) leads to exhaus

tion (yin). With our strong sun, summer heat, and the irresistible temptation of summer sports, we must be careful to keep our Fire in check.



1) Stay hydrated. Water controls Fire, bot

h in the Five Element chart and in our bodies! Sip, rather than gulp, what you drink. A dilute solution of honey, lemon and a pinch of sea salt will help supply your body with liquid as well as sugars and electrolytes.


2) Eat appropriately for the season. Smaller meals, especially during the heat of the day, will be easier to digest. Fruits of the melon family (cucumber, zucchini, water melon, cantaloupe) will help your body stay hydrated naturally. Include the bitter flavor in your diet. Bitter flavor stimulates the Fire Element; bitter foods include certain lettuces, and, in particular, bitter melon. Available in Asian groceries, this nubbly green melon is particularly consumed at this time of year to help the body deal with heat (stir-fry with beef and black bean sauce, or curry it).

3) Pay attention to your body, especially for signs of excess heat. If you feel your heart racing, which could be one sign of heat exhaustion, immediately get in the shade, lie down, and massage the tips of your pinky fingers. This stimulates a point on the Heart meridian that will help normalize heart rate.


Finally, looking ahead to July, the Sheltons are gearing up for the Internal Fitness Professional Association’s annual convention in Tampa, Florida.  Chris will give four presentations covering face reading, nutrition, qigong and naturally proper posture. We look forward to meeting new people and sharing Chinese secrets of health and vitality with the professionals who can then help millions of others. Our goal is to make Qigong a household practice, giving everyone the power of self-refinement!


Love & gratitude,


Chris & Parisa Shelton
Morning Crane Healing Arts & Fitness Center

Young Adult “On Her Own” Impact Basics Course

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WHEN June 14, 2013 at 1pm – June 16, 2013 at 6pm
WHERE Morning Crane
CONTACT Impact Bay Area · ·  (510) 208-0474

This Young Adult “On Her Own” Basics course is a 20-hour course designed specifically for women 17 to 22 years old. Similar to the Adult Basics course, we cover awareness, boundary setting, and physical self-defense, but this class teaches young women how to respond to problems they often encounter as they begin to face the world on their own. Classes are limited to 14-16 students.

This course meets on multiple dates over a weekend – Friday, June 14th (2pm-8pm), Saturday, June 15th (12pm-8pm), and Sunday, June 16th (10am-6pm) – please make sure you are available to attend every session.

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May is for Remembrance

To EveryONE who has a Mother!

We celebrate two very special holidays in May: Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day. Both remind us to give thanks to those who have made our lives even possible. First, we should especially acknowledge those who birthed us and raised us, who cooked, clothed and fed us. With the same awareness, we may also give thanks to any who have “mothered” us along our way.   Nurturing is an art in itself! Secondly, we should pause to offer gratitude to those who have gone to battle to protect us. They have sacrificed much.


Let this gratitude and appreciation propel you forward to make the most of your life and your resources. In Chinese medicine, May is the heart of the Spring season, the season of the Wood Element. Those who have taken our Qigong classes know what that means! Wood Element is about birth, growth, determination, and drive. Like a young green shoot pushing up through the soil, respond to this seasonal flow and “get s**t done”! Know your dream? Start now to make it happen!


Not one to preach but not practice, Chris is following his dream of becoming a bestselling author and world renowned proponent of Chinese medicine. Our first book, “Qigong Self-Refinement Course” will be published by Balboa Press this summer. We hope to have copies to take when we go to the International Fitness Professional Association convention in Florida in July.   In any case we will launch the book with a celebration at the Center. Stay tuned for that!

FREE Class; Medicine Cabinet Makeover Class, Thursday, 5/9 @ 12:30pm

Learn to replace synthetic over the counter remedies with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  These gifts from nature are wonderful for all ages and safe enough to use on pregnant women, pets and newborn babies.

CPTG Essential Oils can help eliminate a variety of health issues including: colds/flus, digestive disorders, stress/emotional issues, immune support, pain/inflammation, skin disorders such as psoriasis/eczema, asthma/allergies and so much more!!

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Spring into Shape; April Newsletter 2013

Spring into Shape; APRIL 2013 NEWSLETTER

If you are reading this you are taking steps to improve your well-being. Congratulations! This month we focus on clearing and cleaning. Spring into Shape means starting a new routine; making time for yourself, family, & friends; work less–play more.

Spring time according to Chinese Medicine:
This is the time when the Liver is most active. Just like flowers are blossoming so is the Liver working to detoxify from the past year. Add berries to your diet. It is not by accident that nature produces berries at this time of year. Berries are know to aide in detoxification. Avoid being exposed to too much wind. At this time, the Liver is more susceptible to wind, which is the driving force for all disease. Wind is consider one of the “six evils.”  The Liver stores the negative emotions of anger, frustration, and rage.  The positive virtues of kindness and compassion.  Take an extra moment to do something nice for the people you love or a complete stranger.
Spring is a time for birth! 

This Spring has an incredibly evolutionary component. We are in the midst of powerful forces that are asking us to be conscious of how our choices and actions affect others. If you pay attention you will be able to see the big picture, accessing the subtle realms for guidance. This will help you to see where you can transform disempowering beliefs about yourself and the world at large. It is a time to choose your battles wisely, and to allow the Sacred Feminine and Masculine to show you a more peaceful way to proceed through your life. When we work with these archetypal energies they teach us how to experience more balance in our work.


Dedicated to increasing the health awareness of all.
Love & Gratitude,

Chris & Parisa Shelton and the Morning Crane Team
(written in conjunction with Maggi Quinlan, PhD

Face Reading Class 4/22, 7:30-9pm

Face Reading Class 4/22, 7:30-9pm

Learn what the eyes have to say about a person. What does the shape or position mean with regard to a persons character? Join us and discover this hidden and ancient world of Face Reading.

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Cooking with Essential Oils Class

Cooking with Essential Oils Class

Come join us Friday, 4/5, 6:30-8pm as we prepare mouthwatering dishes with doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Essential Oils are a great substitute for dried or powdered spices, since dried spices have lost many of the liquid essential oils that impart much of the flavor, aroma and healthful benefits found in the natural plant.
“Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived.”

Space is limited.  Click here to sign up, OR call (408) 391-2846 today!

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

 Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Join us Wednesday, 3/20, 7:30pm! Click here to sign up!

Learn to replace synthetic over the counter remedies with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

These gifts from nature are wonderful for all ages and safe enough to use on pregnant women, pets and newborn babies.

CPTG Essential Oils can help eliminate a variety of health issues including: colds/flus, digestive disorders, stress/emotional issues, immune support, pain/inflammation, skin disorders such as psoriasis/eczema, asthma/allergies and so much more!!

Join us Wednesday, 3/20, 7:30pm! Click here to sign up!