Cupping is an ancient technique used around the world to facilitate the body`s natural ability to heal. At Morning Crane, cupping is often used to complement Medical Qigong and Acupuncture sessions.

Cupping has been shown to:

-Alleviate joint pain

-Relieve sore muscles

-Decrease inflammation

-Increase range of motion

-Help with cold and flu symptoms

By taking glass or plastic jars with a smooth rounded mouth, cupping creates a partial vacuum on the skin’s acupoints, allowing the release of toxins and potential for dis-ease in the body.

Toxins often accumulate in our connective tissues, which creates blockages that impede blood and fluid circulation. The vacuum provided by the cups stimulates the flow of Qi (energy), blood, and lymphatic fluid which accelerates the easy and direct release of toxicity from key areas of the body.