Five Elements

The Five Element principle is utilized in Chinese Medicine and Philosophy. The five elements are symbolic for the different phases, or primal forces, within the universe, nature, and our bodies. Each element is also attributed to a certain personality archetype. Knowing which element, or elements, predominates our personalities can give us insight into our health and well-being.

EARTH — The earth archetype may have a darkish complexion, strong thighs, and wide jaws. Of all the aspects of their bodies, earth types should have strong muscles. [Read more…]

FIRE — If  you are primarily a fire type, then your strengths should lie in the blood and blood vessels. In nature, fire is responsible for warming and achieving clarity. A fire type can illuminate and comfort any given situation. They are leaders and are highly charismatic, self-driven, motivators, and very passionate. [Read more…]

METAL — The metal types are rational, independent, and strong-willed. They normally have a powerful and loud voice, with their lungs being their strongest attribute. Metal types can be either positive or destructive, depending on their intent. Thus, they have the capability to gather others for a positive cause or a negative outcome. [Read more…]

WATER — Water can nourish or deteriorate. The water type communicates well, is gentle in nature, sympathetic, slightly lazy, and tends to be susceptible to fear. They don’t always tell the truth and are not always straightforward. They do, however, have a have a gentle way of interacting with people, being good neighbors and loyal to their colleagues. [Read more…]

WOOD — The major physical signs of wood are sinewy tendons and a hard body. Wood people either look like tall trees or shorter, more compact bushes. Wood people constantly need to be “doing” something. They enjoy arguments and discussions. They feel compelled to exercise and love to work hard. [Read more…]

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