WATER Archetype

Water can nourish or deteriorate. The water type communicates well, is gentle in nature, sympathetic, slightly lazy, and tends to be susceptible to fear. They don’t always tell the truth and are not always straightforward. They do, however, have a have a gentle way of interacting with people, being good neighbors and loyal to their colleagues. The water type can gather the support of others, is sensitive to their environment, and has a well developed sense of intuition; some may even have psychic abilities. They should have a robust digestive system, and a longer than normal spine. Generally, you can distinguish a water archetype by their love for movement, their round face and body, and soft white skin. The water archetype may have a tendency to overindulge in sex, causing a weakness of the kidneys and bones.


If you are weak with the water element, there are some things you may want to do to bring this aspect of your being into harmony. Within your environment, add bowl shapes, irregular and flowing natural shapes, and glass because they represent water. The colors of blue or black, sounds of running water, and fish tanks also represent water, and are considered yin in nature. Fountains are considered yang. Having these things inside as well as outside your home will benefit you, if you are weak in the water element.

The water element relates to the kidneys and urinary bladder. The negative emotion housed in the kidneys is fear, shock, or both. The positive virtue is gentleness. Tissues controlled by the kidneys are the bones. The sensory organ it opens into is the ear, and the taste that satisfies the kidneys is salty.

A person weak in this element should not overindulge in sexual activity, and should try to control other issues that harm the normal functioning of the kidneys, like too much stress, not enough sleep, excessive work, and improper diet.