METAL Archetype

The metal types are rational, independent, and strong willed. They normally have a strong loud voice, their lungs being their strongest attribute. Metal types can be either positive or destructive, depending on their intent. Thus, they have the capacity to gather others for a positive cause, or a negative outcome. They are aggressive in pursuing goals, and are emotional, confident, and intuitive. In their negative aspect they may isolate themselves, withdrawing from activities and society in general. The metal type has a strongly built body, with broad and square shoulders, and a triangular-shaped face. They may walk slowly, pushing their chest out with their shoulders back. Metal represents courage, righteousness, justice and truth. Its negative attributes are grief, sorrow, and sadness. Metal types can be extremely driven in pursuing their goals and, at the same time, unwilling to express their true inner feelings. The metal element relates to the lungs and large intestine, controlling the immune system. The metal element relates to the hair and skin tissues, and connects with the nose, which controls the sense of smell. Foods that are pungent work well with the lungs, and therefore benefit the element.


To support the metal element, include metal items and furnishings in your life and house. Decorate and dress with the colors of white or silver. Use arched, curved, or semi-circular furnishings in your home to gather more metal energy. In architecture, domed metal roofs or primarily metal structures attract metal energy. A tendency to catch colds or flus easily is often a sign of a weak metal element. Adding pungent foods to the diet will expel pathogens from the body. Some examples of these include: garlic, ginger, and mint.