Curative Qigong

Curative Qigong is one of our specialties at Morning Crane and a lifelong passion of husband and wife team, Chris and Parisa Shelton. An ancient tradition based on the principles of Chinese medicine, Curative Qigong is the practice of harnessing Qi to help balance, integrate and release physical, mental and/or spiritual suffering.

At Morning Crane, we believe people do not have to live in chronic pain. We believe the body is wired for vitality and joy.

According to Chinese medicine, the leading cause of death and disease is negative emotions. Common day-to-day feelings like disappointment, sorrow, envy, anger and rage are not inherently “bad,” but when strong emotions are suppressed or repressed, physical symptoms like inflammation and illness are the result.

Curative Qigong helps people get to the root of the emotional imbalance and help clear blockages, so that they can both heal and prevent disease.

The proven benefits of Curative Qigong include:

-strengthened immunity and vitality

-relief from pain stemming from common complaints such as poor digestion, headaches and arthritis

-alleviation of depression and anxiety

-reclamation of younger, firmer (slimmer) body shape

-increased memory, recall and creativity

-deeper access to joy, intuition, peace and belonging

The Curative Qigong Mastermind Program is a two-year master class that teaches you how to apply these tools and techniques to help others and make a living.

Services include:

  • Pain relief using Curative Qigong therapeutic massage techniques
  • Stress management with a variety of Curative Qigong exercises
  • Medical services including SOAP notes: Subjective, Observation, Assessment, Plan