Wholistic Health Coaching

Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs are tailored to fit your specific goals. Perhaps you want to simply feel better, make healthier choices, manage stress and anxiety or find healthier choices in your daily routine. My approach is one-to-one listening, collaborative goal planning and the additional daily/regular accountability support you need to achieve success.

What to Expect

– Health & Lifestyle Assessment

– Customized Wellness Plan & Goal Setting

– Personalized Mentoring with Stress & Lifestyle Guidance

– Plant Medicine Recommendations

– Nutrition Choices & Planning

– Informed Self Care through Education & Nutritional Planning

– Regular Check-ins and Encouragement

Benefits from working with a Health Coach

  • Keeps you accountable to the process of reaching your goals.

  • You’ll learn how to incorporate your lifestyle and daily activities in a healthier, more sustainable way.

  • The coach hones in on what works for “you”

  • Valuable time to check in and adjust your protocol to make sure you are on track

  • Emotional support from a knowledgeable professional vs. relying solely on your personal support network

  • Increase health and natural immunity

  • Cut down on medical bills

  • Personal Wellness Mentor at your service