Bernadette Milan

Bernadette Milan has been working with Morning Crane since 2020. She is passionate about helping people to ease their pain from acute or chronic conditions, manage their stress and maintain their health through the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda. With specialized trainings in Adaptive as well as Therapeutic Yoga and Stress Management, she meets students where they’re at and works together with them to come up with a care plan for their immediate needs and long-term goals.

People who are preparing to give birth hold a special place in her heart and she works with students during this sensitive phase of their lives through her class at Valley Medical with Morning Crane. Her philosophy on mobility and movement is influenced by the teachings of Katie Bowman, Jill Miller and Thomas Myers. To complement this, Bernadette’s certification in Ayurveda gives her a unique perspective on diet and lifestyle to maintain health and manage disease conditions. If a particular health situation requires more help, she can suggest specific herbs and herbal formulations to help with management. Her BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley provides a foundation for reframing how people see themselves in relation to their specific health circumstance and is an integral part of her holistic approach to help them in their healing journey.