I adore Morning Crane and Chris’s Chi Gong Practice.

I adore Morning Crane and Chris’s Chi Gong Practice. Post surgery for a laberal tear in my right hip, Chris gave me some exercises that my physical therapist at Kaiser suggested to me today. This just confirms my trust and faith in the quality of service – a step ahead of my kaiser doctors as usual. Not just in diagnostics, Chris also excels in healing emotional wounds developed and triggered by stress and physical trauma, such as this recent surgery I underwent. I always leave the practice feeling empowered and I am very thankful to have Chris as a healer and practioner. Highly recommend. Also useful in diet – meal plan for those with tree nut allergies. A lovely eastern medicine and more holistic alternative to Indian medicine (ayurveda) which uses many nut oils and nut products in medicine, treatment and diet. Certainly will be recommending on my blog, LiveLoveManja, focused on people living with food allergies and promoting awareness for the young adult and the business professional. www.livelovemanja.com @livelovemanja Love , Light, and Gratitude!