The staff are always helpful and really make people feel welcome

This is a first class studio and the staff are always helpful and really make people feel welcome. I initially took some pilates and yoga classes to work on recovering from an injury and the instructors were fabulous. I have also taken a few other classes and seen a couple of therapists. Parisa has a great energy about her and adds enough variation to the pilates and TRX classes to keep them interesting. KT is so caring and genuine that you’ll feel better just talking with her and she is also an amazing massage therapist. I was reluctant to take the Qi Gong class since I had studied it previously, but after speaking with Chris, I signed up. Now, more than a year later, I am still continuing to study Qi Gong with Chris. He has a fantastic style of teaching and is very open and willing to share his knowledge. It’s clear that he really wants to help others and to teach them how to help themselves. I’ve also seen Chris for medical Qi Gong sessions which were very helpful. I would have written a great review a month after my first class at Morning Crane, and now, many months and dozens of classes later, I feel the same way.