12/21/12- Important Info; Plus last minutes Gift Giving Ideas

December 21, 2012: Today the Winter Solstice was @ 3:12amPST; AKA the end of Mayan Long Count Calendar, and the end of 26,000 year cycle

Good day to you. We are writing you to reassure you that the world is not going to end today (sigh of relief, Ahhh). Actually this is a powerful time of transformation as we are on the precipice of a global consciousness shift. That makes TODAY the beginning of a NEW era and the start of a NEW consciousness. People like you & me & us are looking inside for solutions. We are starting to stand up and say “We must PROTECT the children & our Earth. Period.” We realize that if we do not do anything, no one will. We want to heal ourselves so that we can help others heal. If YOU are reading this YOU are part of the solution. “I’m startin’ with the Man in Mirror,” to “Heal the world for you and for me and the entire human race,” just like Michael Jackson said. We hope you join us!


The upcoming year is a time of birthing ourselves into a new consciousness that wants all Life to be honored and cared for. This Death of the Old Year and Re-Birth into the New Year and a new Consciousness has never been more powerful. We encourage you to create a ritual for yourself, something simple, to honor the changes that have happened and will continue to happen in your life.


Peace pic

Try this at home: Light a candle every day when you rise. Take a moment to acknowledge the events unfolding for you, and take a moment to offer gratitude for any goodness in your life. Begin to visualize what you want to create for your life in the coming   year. Move beyond the “lose weight, quite smoking” resolutions. Instead go deeper into what you want  to create within your awareness and how you want to expand your consciousness. How do you want to change the quality  of your life, on every level?


Because this year’s ending is so powerful, it is important to remember that these increased Universal energies, in addition to all the normal holiday pressures can create tremendous stress;  We need to take extra special care of ourselves during this time. “To bring peace to the earth, strive to make your own life peaceful” -Author unknown