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Embracing Change While Tending Your Garden

secret garden with pathThe past few months we’ve been talking a lot about change: how to deal with it, what to do when change looks scary and how to embrace change and transformation.

After months of living by the seat of our pants – change, change, CHANGE! – we recognize that big shifts aren’t always easy but, wow! Big and small changes are absolutely necessary ingredients for growth and evolution.  Just like a garden needs sun, our beautiful ideas and new creations need a (sometimes smelly) fertilizer called change.  Happily, change has two cousins: courage and faith.

This month we made a big decision.  All spring and summer we’ve flipped back and forth about where to work, live and play. Our monkey minds have been chirping the same pesky song for months: Move to LA or stay in San Jose? Move to LA or stay in San Jose?

Well, here’s the Big Picture. We’ve decided to maintain our office in Willow Glen but only half the space.  Letting go of our Main Studio, where we’ve taught group classes and workshops for the past five years, was a difficult decision.  We’ve had a lot of fun and joy within those Main Studio walls! That space has been our not-so secret garden.

What’s exciting?  We’re committed to planting, growing and blossoming in an even BIGGER garden! Soon you’ll see us teaching classes around town, across California, around the world and online. Birds of a feather flock together so we sure do hope and pray you join us. You’re our favorite buds and blossoms!

New and improved Willow Glen class schedules will be released soon. 

Thank you for your continued love and support and for sticking with us throughout all this change. We are so grateful you’re part of our journey to spread Love and share tools that empower well-being and Joy.


Love & gratitude,

-Chris & Parisa Shelton

Yoga Hike Meditate

Refresh your mind, body and spirit with Mother Nature. Join Chris and Parisa Shelton of Morning Crane as they lead a special two hour yoga + hike + meditation excursion in the beautiful Santa Clara County parks.

Learn simple and effective methods for cultivating greater health, self-healing and energy enhancement by practicing gentle postures, breathing and mind intentions.  Start with a gentle yoga stretches, followed by a gentle hike and meditation.  The one hour class is suitable for people with average to above-average physical capabilities. Comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended.

Yoga mat or blanket nice to have but not required.  Suitable for ages 13+.

Investment: $15 per class.  Space is limited.  To register clikc on date and location below. #SoulSpace- Yoga Tree on grass knoll

June 2, 11:30am-12:30pm, Alviso Marina

June 13, 6-7pm, Almaden Quicksilver

June 20, 6-7pm, Almaden Quicksilver

July 7, 11:30am-12:30pm, Alviso Marina


Alamaden Quicksilver location please meet at the Wood Road parking lot with comfortable shoes and water.

Alviso Maria location please meet in the parking lot with comfortable shoes and water.



Learning to Love the Road that Brought You Here! Happy NEW YEAR

It’s a new year, a new beginning and a new YOU! Before we march into the future, let’s take a step back and look over our shoulder. When you think about your past, what comes to mind? What people, places or experiences have shaped you? Can you bless your regrets, failures and flops? Are you able to celebrate your wins? Cheer when you remember the times you took the high road? (Hope so!)

When I look back on my life I know exactly when life changed.

I didn’t know it at the time but when I chose to study Qigong and Chinese Medicine, I was making the decision to wake up and open up. Before I hit 20 I’d suffered two heart attacks and a near paralyzing martial arts injury. Despite a bad attitude and “all about me” worldview, I outgrew my younger years thanks to the roles I played with other people. I was a son, husband, father, butcher, entrepreneur, cage fighter, body builder, Chinese Medicine practitioner, tatted up Qigong master.

Life is fascinating. There are always beautiful and painful crossroads meant to shape who we are and what we are becoming. I was told I would never walk again, would never be free of pain again, would never kick-box again, would never fill-in-the-blank again. Qigong didn’t just give me back my physical strength and mobility. Qigong balanced and refined my mind, body and spirit. Qigong showed me how to live.

If you’re dreading another year of being rejected or ejected by mainstream Western medicine, please know this: your health CAN be reclaimed and renewed. You CAN heal suffering and pain. Qigong has been helping people for thousands of years. It’s transformed and healed my life. If you’re one of my clients, you know what these simple non-invasive practices can do. Qigong is an ancient medicine that’s a modern miracle-maker for people wanting to reclaim their health without stress, surgery or pain.

As you make those first tentative steps into 2016, may your path always be kind, encouraging and, above all else, true. Your vitality, strength and joy are your birthright. May those blessings shape your path, your life and your world.

Happy 2016 and cheers to new beginnings!

—Chris and Parisa Shelton and the Morning Crane team.

When your body says “Achoo!” here’s what to do

Protect your mind, body and spirit this fall

The cold winds of change are upon us and so is cold-and-flu season.

Have you ever noticed that when the seasons change we start wishing we could change too?

While springtime and summer inspire creativity, fun and reinvention, fall and winter guide us to look inward as the days get shorter and darker.

Before we look outward about how to stay healthy this season, let’s look inward and see what might be making us sick.

According to Chinese Medicine the natural elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Water and Metal belong to a system existing in all things. These elements affect a wide array of natural phenomena ranging from how the solar system unfolds to the health and vitality of our internal organs. Metal is the element associated with autumn because it helps balance and protect our respiratory and immune systems as well as our large intestine and skin.

Some clear signs your Metal Element is out of balance is if you have a runny nose, chronic cough with lots of (green/yellow gross) phlegm, low immunity and low energy. Metal imbalances don’t just show up in your body but also in how well you experience and release emotions. Feelings such as sadness, disappointment, vulnerability and unsociability are indicative of a Metal Element imbalance.

So what do we do? How do we re-balance our mind, body and spirit this fall?

Here are three powerful and simple tools for lightening up and staying as strong as steel (like metal) as the days get dark and cold.

Take extra precautions to keep your chest and neck warm by wearing a scarf or always zipping up your jacket before heading outdoors. The acu-points on the neck are most susceptible to wind and cold.  If your chest and neck get cold, you can expect the sniffles to begin so bundle up and zip it up.

The moment you feel cold and flu symptoms coming on, like sniffles and/or an achy neck and shoulder, change your diet. Supercharge your immune system by eating pungent foods such as steamed or braised garlic, onions and turnips. Add cinnamon and ginger to your recipes including hot beverages (e.g., cinnamon in your coffee is delicious and a super immunity booster).

Most people feel a shift in energy as we experience less and less daylight during the fall and winter months. This simple, three-minute Qigong Lung Cleansing Exercise  alleviate feelings of lethargy and sadness. Qigong’s gentle motions and breathing patterns help clear and harmonize the lungs so you feel energized, healthy and calm no matter how dark and cold it is outside.

The End of Pain: How Qigong and Nutrition Soothe Migraines

If you or someone you love suffers from migraines, you know how debilitating the pain is. Migraines and headaches affect the quality of our life because they literally shape how we see our world.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine migraines are caused when our liver and gallbladder are out of balance. Yet making simple daily changes to how we live can have profound results on how happy and healthy we feel inside our  head.

Take care of what’s toxic. Anger, frustration, resentment. Negative emotions get a bad reputation because we don’t express them in a healthy way. Whether you rant wildly or seethe silently, undigested emotions are like poison to your mind, body and spirit.  That toxicity festers in your liver and gallbladder, which causes your blood and Qi to become congested, which then rises upward creating tension in your head. Something as simple as saying, “I am angry about this” can release the knots in your stomach and skull. When we honor how we feel, we honor the storyline tightening in our head.

What’s in your belly affects your brain. Nutrition has a delicious role to play in managing our migraines and headaches.  Common culprits that agitate head pain include greasy, fatty and/or fried food, sugary beverages and candy (Happy Halloween, by the way). Avoid sugary snacks after dinner and make it a habit to avoid drinking cold beverages with ice. Eating raw vegetables sounds healthy but if you have a migraine, avoid that kind of crunch. Instead look to sour-flavored tastes like lime juice, fresh kiwi or try adding turmeric to your chicken and eggs.

A soothing way to start the day and balance your liver and gallbladder is by drinking four ounces of hot water as soon as you wake up. If that doesn’t appeal, try drinking the juice of half a lemon mixed with coconut oil. You’ll not only help your liver, gallbladder and head – you’ll help your stomach and cholesterol too!

Prevention is better than cure. When you feel a migraine or headache coming on try this simple Qigong move.  To increase the effectiveness of the exercise chant “SHUUUU” (pronounced  “shoe”).  This Qigong exercise clears and harmonizes the energy of the liver by targeting negative emotions like anger and frustration while encouraging kind, compassionate feelings.

Two powerful acupoints to combat migraines

Liver 3 (LV 3) for blog post

Liver 3 (LV3): This point is located on the top of the foot between the tendons leading to the big toe and the second tow.  LV 3 can be used to drain excess energy
from the liver channel.  Massage this point.  As you massage visualize all dark or stuck energy leaving out through the feet, making way for clear and light energy.

muscular back- head GB 20

Gallbladder 20 (GB 20): This point is located at the base of the skull.  It’s the bumpy protuberance where the head and the back of the neck connect.  Place your hands on the side of the head and your thumbs on GB 20 point.  Firmly press these points, releasing tensions from the head.

Back to School, Back to YOU + Believe in Miracles

qigiong_beach_graphicNothing signifies the end of summer like watching kids groan their way back to school. Whether you love or loathe the classroom, September inspires many of us to honor our inner lifelong learner. Autumn sneaks around the corner and suddenly we renew long-time goals (learn Ballroom Dancing!), ditch a nasty bad habit (sugar!) or set some sexy resolution (be a better person!). If just reading about new beginnings stresses you, slow down for a moment. See and feel how seasonal changes produce shifts in your body and in your life.

September can be viewed two ways: as a time for back-to-school madness or a time for back-to-Source peacefulness. As you reflect on 9/11 this year, keep in mind and heart that September 21 is the International Day of Peace.  How miraculous is that? Imagine a world where we all stop for a moment and honor the learner within and believe in the peace we wish to Be in the world.

Speaking of miracles, guess what? Chris and I have overcome our shyness (haha) and expanded our Qigong reach from studio to stage to set. Yes, we’ve produced a 9 minute TV-style episode about Qigong called “Ancient Medicine, Modern Miracles.”


You can watch the episode here.  ancient_medicine_title_card