Back to School, Back to YOU + Believe in Miracles

qigiong_beach_graphicNothing signifies the end of summer like watching kids groan their way back to school. Whether you love or loathe the classroom, September inspires many of us to honor our inner lifelong learner. Autumn sneaks around the corner and suddenly we renew long-time goals (learn Ballroom Dancing!), ditch a nasty bad habit (sugar!) or set some sexy resolution (be a better person!). If just reading about new beginnings stresses you, slow down for a moment. See and feel how seasonal changes produce shifts in your body and in your life.

September can be viewed two ways: as a time for back-to-school madness or a time for back-to-Source peacefulness. As you reflect on 9/11 this year, keep in mind and heart that September 21 is the International Day of Peace.  How miraculous is that? Imagine a world where we all stop for a moment and honor the learner within and believe in the peace we wish to Be in the world.

Speaking of miracles, guess what? Chris and I have overcome our shyness (haha) and expanded our Qigong reach from studio to stage to set. Yes, we’ve produced a 9 minute TV-style episode about Qigong called “Ancient Medicine, Modern Miracles.”


You can watch the episode here.  ancient_medicine_title_card