Learning to Love the Road that Brought You Here! Happy NEW YEAR

It’s a new year, a new beginning and a new YOU! Before we march into the future, let’s take a step back and look over our shoulder. When you think about your past, what comes to mind? What people, places or experiences have shaped you? Can you bless your regrets, failures and flops? Are you able to celebrate your wins? Cheer when you remember the times you took the high road? (Hope so!)

When I look back on my life I know exactly when life changed.

I didn’t know it at the time but when I chose to study Qigong and Chinese Medicine, I was making the decision to wake up and open up. Before I hit 20 I’d suffered two heart attacks and a near paralyzing martial arts injury. Despite a bad attitude and “all about me” worldview, I outgrew my younger years thanks to the roles I played with other people. I was a son, husband, father, butcher, entrepreneur, cage fighter, body builder, Chinese Medicine practitioner, tatted up Qigong master.

Life is fascinating. There are always beautiful and painful crossroads meant to shape who we are and what we are becoming. I was told I would never walk again, would never be free of pain again, would never kick-box again, would never fill-in-the-blank again. Qigong didn’t just give me back my physical strength and mobility. Qigong balanced and refined my mind, body and spirit. Qigong showed me how to live.

If you’re dreading another year of being rejected or ejected by mainstream Western medicine, please know this: your health CAN be reclaimed and renewed. You CAN heal suffering and pain. Qigong has been helping people for thousands of years. It’s transformed and healed my life. If you’re one of my clients, you know what these simple non-invasive practices can do. Qigong is an ancient medicine that’s a modern miracle-maker for people wanting to reclaim their health without stress, surgery or pain.

As you make those first tentative steps into 2016, may your path always be kind, encouraging and, above all else, true. Your vitality, strength and joy are your birthright. May those blessings shape your path, your life and your world.

Happy 2016 and cheers to new beginnings!

—Chris and Parisa Shelton and the Morning Crane team.