50 for 50 Spaaaah Special!

Seeking sanctuary this holiday season? Finish your holiday shopping this month with Morning Crane’s December 50 minutes for $50 Spaaaah Special  (Valued at $100)

Relax, Revitalize and Recharge this season with an organic aroma Skin to Soul therapeutic massage session.

Experience a combination of calming essential oils and natural extracts along with a myriad of massage techniques done in synch that will leave you with a feeling of renewal, awareness and strength, as well as peace of mind.

Improve vitality by adding to your package a 35 minute for $35 ionic detoxifying foot bath ($50 value) to remove harmful environmental toxins from your pores.

Your treatment is concluded with a one day serving of Chava Vitale Chocolate. Finally you can have your chocolate and eat it too – without guilt!

The bold intense flavor, rich velvety overtones and smooth finish of Chava harbor a secret – a powerhouse profile of antioxidants (ORAC 37,208) in every decadent piece. All natural, nothing artificial and always earth-friendly, Chava’s organic cacao is infused with a hyper-potent chocolate extract and Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense liquid zeolite in an antioxidant explosion that pleases the palate and invigorates the soul.