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What does it mean to be an Older Woman in our society?  What is your experience?  You have lived a long life.  Do you experience empowerment, strength, wisdom, grace and a fierce love of life?  If not, let’s explore how you can discover that in your life.  If you do, come and share it with others.

 In many indigenous traditions aging is recognized as a Sacred Doorway.  It is the point in life where the pressures and obligations of early and mid-life are completed.  It is the time when Truth can be spoken.

 Now is the time to delve into the deep knowing of Self, and to bring that deep knowing to the larger world, modeling the knowledge, compassion and wisdom that can come from a life well lived.  It is the time to find the beautiful heart that is you.

 If you do not know how to access that aspect of your Being, join with a circle of Elder Women and share what you do know.  Let us all bring our Wise Women with us to create a Circle of Elders to support each other in experiencing our Deepest Selves.

 We will meet in circle and witness each other’s lives while supporting each other in our expression of Self.  The circle is ancient, it is in our bones, it is the way women have met for eons.  Come back to circle as you come back to yourself.

 All Women of menopausal or post-menopausal age are welcome to participate

 Our circles will happen every other Saturday from 3:00 till 5:00 on  3/16, 3/30, 4/13 and 4/27.  We will begin with a two month commitment and then decide as a group where we want to go from there.

$30 each or a package of 4 meetings for $85

Click here to register or call 408-391-2846 today!

Maggi Quinlan, Ph.D. is an Elder, Teacher, Healer and Counselor.  She has been facilitating Women’s Circles for over 25 years.  She has seen the powerful transformation that happens for women when they are able to come together and tell their truth, in a safe, trusting environment, without blame or judgment. Please call 831-600-5678 with any questions.