Hearts on Fire! February Newsletter

This month Cupid delivers joy and love, and might even deliver some chocolate and roses your way. Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not it is important that you nurture your Heart now and always.

They say that the Heart houses the Spirit, also known as the Shen  神. The Shen’s power is reflected in the sparkle of ones eyes.   Lots of sparkle signifies a spirit that is in tact. The Heart (Yin) is also know as the “Emperor of the body,” and is related to the Small Intestines (Yang) and the Fire element.

If you are deficient in the Fire element, you are likely to experience abandonment, loneliness and/or lack of joy. Such attitudes and behaviors do not serve ourselves or the people we love. If you’re Fire deficient and want to bring balance back into the bedroom, consider honoring Feng Shui principles. For example, ensure that your bed’s headboard faces south. Find red and pink accents that you can add to your linen and bedding.

The positive virtue of the Heart is LOVE.   Remember that Love conquers all. “The only way to fight darkness is with light.” Our hope for you is that you find your passions and share your light.

Love & gratitude & Happy Valentine’s Day,

-Chris & Parisa Shelton and the Morning Crane team