May is here! Newsletter May 2014

This month is all about appreciation and gratitude.

This is the perfect time to introduce you to something new, fresh and life-affirming. Nothing in life – person, place or thing – is inherently good or inherently bad. Nothing in nature is absolutely good or absolutely bad. Life just IS.

Have you ever had something happen in your life you perceived as “bad,” but eventually it showed itself to be a giant blessing? So many of the events in our lives are learning opportunities that offer us chances to grow and evolve. Spring is a perfect season for moving into a space of appreciation by counting our blessings. Expressing appreciation and gratitude is like planting seeds in a garden. When you nourish appreciation and gratitude in your life, you absolutely want to reap what you sow!

There is one state of Being without an opposite and that is unconditional love. Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power Of Now, one of our favorite books and one we highly recommend, assures us that “true love arises from beyond the mind.” Love is an inner state of Beingness that is universal, unconditional and eternal.

As we move towards Memorial Day (May 26th) and honor the people we have loved and lost, please remember that love is eternal. Whether remembering and missing family, friends and the men and women who have served in our armed forces, know that true love transcends death. Love never dies. Without death there cannot be life. Without war there cannot be peace. Without yin there cannot be yang. The spiritual masters have been teaching such truths for centuries. Embrace what is, and watch your spring blossom!

So what are you most grateful for right now? In this exact moment? Here’s my list: I am grateful for my health, my breath, my partner, my parents, my kids, my friends and clients, my pets, my work and purpose, and – I’ll admit it! – my car.

We hope you make the time to create an appreciation list of your own. Lean into “what is” in your life and know that all is well. May this month bring you true love, appreciation and gratitude.

Love and gratitude,

Chris & Parisa Shelton & the Morning Crane team