Mindfulness Meditation for Chronic Pain

Tuesdays 7:15 – 9:00 pm

Cost: $90

This 5-week introductory course in mindfulness meditation focuses on the issues encountered when living with chronic pain. It is an opportunity to work directly with the current conditions of your life, to create a healthy relationship with your body and mind, and to discover an internal resource – mindfulness – that can support you in all aspects of life.

In this course, you will develop and refine your natural ability to bring clear attention to all aspects of experience, including those that seem difficult to be with. Through guided meditations, instructions, and dialogue, we will cultivate mindfulness of breath, sensations, emotions, thoughts, and actions. This series includes exercises that enhance mindfulness, support the establishment of a daily meditation practice, and highlight balanced awareness in the different aspects of our life.

The class will be in a small-group format, a safe space for exploring feelings, challenges, and appreciation with regard to our bodies, minds, and lives. Sessions may include a segment of mindful movement (qi gong).