Mirror Talk

Another very simple technique I have used to address emotional issues and create positive change in my life is to talk to myself in the mirror. This may be uncomfortable because it’s difficult to face yourself; however, persevere because the practice can bring unexpected benefits.

This is an excerpt from Chris Shelton’s book, “Qigong For Self-Refinement, Total Health with the 5 Elements”. Chp. 19 Pg. 104

In addressing emotional issues, talk to yourself in the mirror with compassion and curiosity. Try to find out what is really going on. What is at the root of the problem? Is it fear? Resentment? Jealousy? Your inner self is doing the best that he/she can; simply try to understand. It will seem like you become your higher self talking to your physical self. See what come up, and allow your higher self to deal with it, keeping in mind your goal of achieving health and harmony.

This technique can also be used to co-create with your higher power (whatever you conceive that to be) positive attributes. In co-creating, there are two important principles to keep in mind. First, always talk and think in terms of the positive. For example if you know you are a controlling person, which is a Liver dysfunction in Chinese medicine, do not say to yourself “Please help me not be a controlling person!” Instead say “I choose to be loving, compassionate, patient, and tolerant!” (or whatever the opposite of controlling is for you). In this way you will always affirm and manifest the positive. Secondly, as you speak to your “self” in the mirror always speak in the present tense. Do not say “I will one day be compassionate,” or “I want to be compassionate.” Rather, say “I am compassionate!” This is not wishful thinking. In face you ARE whatever you want to be. The fact that you can conceive of it means that you have the kernel of that quality in yourself; now you want to bring out that quality and let it flourish.

One of my clients recommends continuing this mirror talk until you break into laughter. Laughter is a sure and certain sign of health. Remember, happiness is your natural state.

This practice can be found in Chris Shelton’s book “Qigong For Self-Refinement”.  Available on Amazon, MorningCrane.com, and ChrisShelton.net