Month of GREEN; March Newsletter

Month of GREEN 

The month of March is all about going GREEN. Get ready to bust out your shamrock tee-shirts and green socks, and celebrate a color that signifies renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation. Spring is a time when kittens are born and buds get ready to bloom.

In Chinese medicine green relates to the element of Wood, which regulates the liver and gallbladder. Seasonal allergies such as springtime hay fever are considered a symptom of liver dysfunction and usually indicative of a body that needs purging and less stress. Stress can be caused by diet, negative emotions, and the environment. Eat organic and avoid genetically modified foods, and food grown with pesticides. The positive virtue of Wood is kindness so now is definitely the time to complement your green wardrobe with positive thoughts about yourself and others.

Here are some tips that encourage your health and home to blossom as winter weather gives way to everything green and fresh.

Eat green. Organic fruits and vegetable are like a pot of gold for your body. Add as much green to your plate as you can. Try green favourites like broccoli, rapini (Italian broccoli), sea vegetables (e.g., Irish moss, kelp) and asparagus. Drizzle fresh lemon and coconut oil on vegetables to improve liver function and flavour. Popular and powerful green foods and spices that support your body’s Wood element (liver and gallbladder function) include wheat spring greens, lemon berries, quince (fruit), quinoa, daikon root (white radish), vinegar, chrysanthemum flower and turmeric.

Clean green. Green living means you’re conscious of the products you use and how they affect the environment. Consider homemade cleaning solutions that are both effective and economical. Common green ingredients such as baking soda, cornstarch, cooking oils, essential oils, lemon juice, salt and vinegar are good for your health, your home and the planet. Another bonus? When you make your own cleaning supplies you save a lot green (money!) and that’s always good luck.

May you have the luck of the Irish with you this month and always. We wish you kindness, growth and abundance. Happy St. Patrick’s Day !

Love and gratitude,

Chris & Parisa Shelton & the Morning Crane team