Qigong Tip of The Week – Liver Cleansing Exercise

In this video, Chris Shelton describes the Liver cleansing exercise:

Qigong Tip of The Week – Liver Cleansing Exercise


This exercise particularly clears and harmonizes the energy of the liver. It is useful for reducing any of the physical or emotional complaints for wood element imbalance, See Chris’ Book Pg 66. On the emotional level, it targets and reduces the negative emotions of anger and frustration, while encouraging kindness and compassion.

The movement:
1. Start with the Three Regulations: Steady breath, relaxed mind, Wu Ji posture, feet shoulder width apart, shoulders relaxed and broad, tailbone tucked, crown point rising. The tongue should be pointing straight up, touching the roof of the mouth.
2. Pull Down the Heavens three times.
3. Bring the right hand, palm up, to the right side of the body. Position at the ribs.
4. Stretch the left hand forward, wrist cocked so the palm faces out, as if you were trying to push something away from the body.
5. Pull the left arm/palm back, as you push the right arm/palm out. The left palm pulls in to the left side of the ribs, facing up while the right arm extends forward, palm vertical, facing away from you. In other words, the left hand goes back to where the right hand started and the right hand pushes out as the left hand initially did. Widen the eyes and stretch the tendons of the fingers of your outstretched hand.
6. Repeat this exchange. There should be a rolling effect of the palms as they pass one another midway through the movement.
7. Finish by Pulling Down the Heavens three times.

1. Do this daily to keep your Liver energy flowing smoothly, but particularly if you have issues to do with anger, resentment or frustration.
2. Keep your shoulders relaxed.