Simple Practice->Profound Results! July Newsletter

We hope you are well.  There is so so much we want to share with you.  We’ve been buzzzzzing (even more that usual). The past few weeks have taught us how to be more like water.  Our trip to Tampa, FL was canceled less than 24 hours before we were leaving.  We had been preparing for months. Chris was suppose to give 4 talks to ~500 health & fitness professionals from around the world.  It was our motivation for finishing the book. We were shocked to find out it was canceled.  But after we got over the initial disappointment, we decided to take a small vacation to the central coast. You’ll be glad to hear that we’re taking some time to refresh, regroup, refuel.  We’re excited to tell you about all the new and cutting edge programs we will be presenting!

PS. We want to acknowledge that last week we pre-maturely hit the send key on our newsletter.  If you noticed errors, that is why.  If you didn’t notice, even better. 🙂

What is Qigong?
Simple practice -> Profound Results
Qigong is the Chinese art of working with the body’s energy system.  It includes meditative practices and physical exercises.  It is “Chinese” because it is based on Chinese ideas of how energy flows in the body; these same theories are at the basis of Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, and also other Chinese arts, such as feng shui. 

What makes this book different from many other Qigong books is the same thing that makes Chris’ teaching different from other Qigong masters. It acknowledges and provides exercises for addressing the emotional component in our modern diseases. In the past, people’s problems mainly started on the physical level: poor hygiene, danger, infectious diseases, accidents. But today, in our relatively safe, clean environment, more of our diseases begin on the emotional level. A dear friend dies, you lose your job, you are abused, or a good friend betrays you…. Strong experiences generate emotional energy. If we don’t process this energy appropriately– if we don’t digest it, just as we digest food, allowing it to transform– then it unbalances our entire system. These imbalances or blockages are not corrected, they get worse and eventually become physical symptoms.   At that point, if you eliminate the physical symptom but not the underlying subtle energy disturbance, then the symptom will come back-or you will get a new symptom somewhere else in the body (Just like with the plumbing in your house, if you stop water flow, the pipe will burst somewhere along the way).


Because Qigong harmonizes the subtle energy flow in the body, when it corrects imbalances at those levels it can eliminate both the physical symptoms and the emotional symptoms which caused them.   The problem really goes away.  This may seem like a miracle, but each success just proves that the Chinese theories are true.


Join a class, read the book, try the exercises—and see for yourself!

Love & gratitude,


Chris & Parisa Shelton
Morning Crane Healing Arts & Fitness Center