Spring Clean, April Newsletter

The month of April is all about Spring Cleaning. Out with the old, and in with the new! We hope to motivate you to open those messy drawers in your kitchen and bedroom, dust off the cobwebs, and clear out the clutter. Spring Cleaning can relate to cleaning your environment, but it can also relate to your cleaning your body.

To clean your house from the colds and flus of winter, open all the windows in your house during the day. Let the breeze move the air and Qi.

Here are 6 essentials for having a clean body and mind, free from yucky toxins (Brought to you by Zachary Taffany):

  1. Oxygen – Take ten deep breaths upon waking, before meals, and before sleeping.
  2. Hydration – Instead of sugary and caffeinated beverages, substitute water infusions like cucumber /mint and Lemon/Stevia.
  3. Rest – Adults need a minimum of seven hours sleep per day.
  4. Sunshine – We have a nationwide epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency. Get twenty minutes of sunlight daily.
  5. Movement – Perspiration is the body’s preferred method of eliminating toxins, so make a habit of daily movements that create a light sweat.
  6. Diet – eat LOL (Live, Organic, Local)
    Master these basic health principles to increase the body’s ability to detoxify and clean itself

May you have a clean and clear mind, body, and spirit this month!