Tips on how to nurture yourself & achieve your dreams

February is a time to feel Love and share Love.  If you’re single, hey! There’s no need to stop reading! And if you’re in a relationship, there’s no need to roll your eyes. (Cupid might be watching.)

Chocolate hearts, bouquets of roses, mushy Valentine’s Day cards. It might be February but those things aren’t on my mind or in my heart. Instead I’m thinking about the Greek word “agape,” which means platonic love, non-judgmental charity and inclusiveness toward the personal and the universal world.

To receive Love, we must share Love. (Sometimes heard as, “You reap what you sow.”) Loving others begins by believing in ourselves and nurturing our inner wisdom and dreams. Your kidneys play a vital role in how well you access self-love and self-appreciation. In Chinese Medicine the kidneys are centers of inner wisdom and willpower. How well (or poorly) we love ourselves is indicative of how healthy and balanced our kidneys are.

According to Chinese Medicine the winter months are part of the Water Season. This time of year impacts our kidneys and their “prenatal essence”, which determines how much energy you have throughout the day and throughout your life. Strong Kidney Qi equals a long life and strong vitality; weak Kidney Qi equals a short life and low energy.  Although our kidneys are like batteries that come with pre-determined energy levels, there are a number of things we can do to ensure that our lives – and our kidneys – are healthy, balanced and energized with joy and wellbeing.

Here are some tips for nurturing your Kidney Qi this month and throughout your precious, heart-led life.

  • Commit to a daily practice of Qigong. Help cleanse and rebalance your kidneys by practicing these gentle, powerful movements. Within minutes you’ll feel calm, energized and centered. Click here to watch Qigong Kidney Cleansing Exercise
  • Go to bed early, get up late. Indulge your body’s desire to hibernate during the winter months. Close the blinds, crawl into bed and stay there! Your mind, body and spirit will reward you in the morning.
  • Drink a lot. A lot of water, of course! (Sorry, wine lovers.) When quenching your thirst, choose filtered water served at room temperature.
  • Eat the sea. Foods that nourish and nurture your kidneys include fruits such as pears and peaches, black beans and other legumes, and super-food sea veggies like nori, wakame, dulse. Seafood is always a tasty, healthy choice.
  • Listen to water. There’s a reason running a bath is so relaxing. The sound of moving water is proven to lessen stress and activate creativity. Add a little Zen to your daily life by running a tiny fountain in your office or treating yourself to a long soak in the tub.

Our goal at Morning Crane is to help you nurture yourself, your life and your world. This month our hearts are set on helping you be a sweetheart to your kidneys.  Your inner Cupid wants you to practice self-love and self-appreciation.  Nourish self-love and share your heart with your inner circle and your community. And then watch as that Love beats all across the world. Agape.  One Love. One Life.  May you Be Peace. And Happy Valentine’s Day… forever 4->.

Love & gratitude,

-Chris and Parisa Shelton and the Morning Crane Team