Tips to improve your Energy

As summertime comes to an end morning traffic thickens. Schedules are shifting and days are shortening. Seasonal transitions are a powerful time to check in and uncover the parts of your life desiring change and growth. You can access your inner Earth element by asking, How can I live a more purposeful, happier and healthier life? What small changes can I start making right now?” We believe the first step in answering these kinds of life-enriching questions lies in harnessing and cultivating your Qi.

Qi or chi (pronounced chee like in “cheese”) is life-force energy that emanates from all things. When we say “all things” we mean everything in the Universe; everything tangible and intangible. Humans are definitely a manifestation of Qi. We are energetic beings with physical bodies that are impacted by our thoughts, feelings, senses (all six of them!) and environment. Our bodies are a microcosm of the macrocosm, which is the Universe. It’s not by accident that what we think about we bring about. Everything is interconnected so always be mindful of what you’re broadcasting to the Universe through your thoughts, actions and deeds.

Here are five ways that strengthen your Qi and attract balance and harmony into your life.

“White Pearl” meditation
Sit or stand comfortably. Imagine a white pearl sitting in the center of your lower abdomen just below your navel. As you inhale through your nose, the pearl gets brighter and lighter. Exhale through your nose and imagine the pearl energy filling your kidney area and lower back. Click here for more details.

Get a good night’s sleep
Sleep is your body’s time to restore and replenish your Qi. We’re firm believers that sleep is imperative to attracting health and joy into our lives. Adults need a minimum of seven hours of deep sleep a night. Get your rest and relaxation by getting your nightly zzzzz.

Exercise regularly
Moving your body means moving your blood, fluids and Qi. Perspiration is the most effective way our body eliminates toxins from our bodies and toxic thoughts from our minds. Make an effort to generate a light sweat every day through gentle movements such as Pilates, Yoga or TRX.

Laugh and smile
Have you ever noticed that smiles are contagious? It’s difficult to frown and scowl when in the presence of a happy, smiling person. No wonder. New research shows that one smile activates the same amount of pleasurable brain simulation as 2000 chocolate bars! So keep on the sunny side of life and keep on smiling.

Pay attention to your emotional health
Toxic thoughts and negative emotions are the leading causes of disease. “Your issues live in your tissues.” (-Nikki Myers) Learn to balance emotional awareness (how you’re feeling) with spiritual acceptance (you are not your thoughts). Qigong meditation practices are powerful, ancient ways of transforming negative emotional states into peaceful mindfulness. Qigong uses our body’s movements to quiet our mind’s inner chatter.

We hope this month brings you healthy and vibrant Qi. May the Qi be with you.

Love and Gratitude,
Chris & Parisa Shelton and the Morning Crane Team