Chris Shelton

Chris Shelton is a certified practitioner and teacher with 18 years of clinical experience in Qigong, an ancient holistic health modality that combines traditional Chinese medicine with movement, breath and visualization. He’s helped thousands of people across the United States and around the world reclaim their health and enjoy lives free from chronic pain. Chris has worked with Special Olympics teams, professional martial artists, weight lifters and celebrities looking for deeper meaning in their lives. Chris’ belief in the healing powers of Qigong is rooted in first-hand experience. As a teenager he suffered from a devastating back injury
that left him in constant pain and partially paralyzed. He attributes his full recovery to Qigong, a holistic approach perfect for people who want non-invasive, affordable and empowering healthcare.
Chris’ work has appeared in newspapers and magazines and been featured on radio and television. He is founder of Morning Crane Healing Arts Center in San Jose, California, and the author of Qigong for Self-Refinement. Chris is often found chasing after his favorite herd of turtles: his wife, four kids and one grandkid. His second book, Ancient Medicine, Modern Miracles: Tools for Healing, Eliminating and Preventing Disease, is currently being read by publishers.

Parisa F. Shelton

A glimmer of light and positivity.  Dedicated to spreading love and being of service.

Parisa is a first-generation daughter of two physicists who grew up in Silicon Valley at the peak of the technological revolution, turned Yogi, Qigong instructor and practitioner of the energy arts.

She brings five years as a sales manager for a high-tech semiconductor manufacturing company and a BA in environmental studies to her daily work, which includes owning and operating Morning Crane Healing Arts Center in San Jose and Los Angles, California, Qigong Teacher Training (QTT), and The Qi Club, an online subscription platform that offers inspiration, hope and satisfaction.

Parisa’s magnetic and funny personality allows her to make light of heavy situations, and to relate to people from all walks of life.  Parisa’s path to the healing arts began at UC Santa Cruz in 1999 when she was first introduced to Reiki.  Since then she has been certified as a Pilates instructor and Qigong instructor, as well as received her California Massage Therapist certificate, although she is not certified in yoga, Parisa has thousands of hours of self-study and class participation since she was first introduced to yoga in 2004.

In 2010, Parisa teamed up with her now husband and renown healer Chris Shelton.  Together they are on a mission to blend ancient and modern healing modalities in ways that are practical, accessible and obtainable.

In 2016 they created Qigong Teacher Trainer.com. Focusing on the foundations and fundamentals of Qigong, Chinese Medicine and 5 Element Theory, this course gives tools to take care of yourself as well as those around you.

In 2020, The Qi Club was created in response to the global pandemic.  The focus of The Qi Club is to empower members, to release fear and worry, and to access peace, joy and a renewed zest for Life.

Christine Castillo

Christine Castillo was born and raised in San Jose, Ca, now residing in Palo Alto with her twins. She is an alumni from San Jose State University, earned her B.S in Justice Studies. She is a graduate of the Qigong Teacher Training Program and received Level 1 and 2 Certifications. Christine began as a patient, then a student and now a Qigong Instructor. She has been practicing Qigong for five years and is now teaching Qigong classes all over the Bay Area. Christine continues to work on self-development and learning the basic aspects of Chinese medicine.  She is a graduate from National Holistic Institute (NHI) and is now a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) with Morning Crane Healing Center. She is very passionate in helping adults and youth reach their full wellbeing potential.

Heather Tell

Purposefully pursuing health and wellness.  In Heather’s personal journey, as a natural healer, she has spent many years on personal growth by exercising, reading and taking classes.  She loves to share her experiences and expertise to help guide you to find what serves your highest good to feel better everyday.  She offers Rieki (energy healing), essential oil education and usage and Aroma Touch sessions.  Heather is here to partner with you on your journey to health and wellness!

Kyczy Hawk RYT E-500

Kyczy works closely for Morning Crane and Santa Clara County to offer trauma and recover private sessions and group classes.

She has been teaching recovery focused  trauma informed yoga classes since 2008.  And is a devoted teacher to people in treatment centers and institutions. She has studied with the premier leaders in this field; Nikki Myers, Durga Leela  and others.

Kyczy created a teacher training program for others who wish to work in this field.  Trauma sensitivity and the somatics of feeling and relating more wisely to your body are some of the basics taught in S.O.A.R.(™) Success Over Addiction and Relapse.

Author of “Yoga and the Twelve Step Path” , “Life in Bite-Sized Morsels” , “From Burnout to Balance” she has recently released a book and workbook through Central Recovery Press:”A Yogic Tools for Recovery; A Guide To working The Steps”.  Recorded meditations and poses are available for free to accompany the book and workbooks.

Join her mailing list to be advised about her other events at www.yogarecovery.com.



Patrick Monahan

Patrick Monahan is a global traveler and our resident photographer, film and editing guy.  He continues to work with us on Qigong Teacher Training and YouTube content creation.  He is also an avid Qigong and Tai Chi practitioner.

Lulu O’Miley Shelton

Lulu O’Miley Shelton is part of our healing team. She is our resident “Mental Health Companion.” Spending time with Lulu will open your heart center and bring you joy. Stop by and say hi to Lulu. Your heart will thank you!